Mr.Yeshashvi Nag (Asst Manager )

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One of the foremost challenges in the social sector is the availability of trained, socially conscious human resources. The Hand In Hand Academy for Social Entrepreneurship aims to bridge this gap and create a community of young development sector professionals. The Academy is a place where theory meets practice for budding social entrepreneurs and the key drivers are ethics and values.

The foundation for Hand in Hand Academy for Social Entrepreneurship is the 10 years of grassroot level experience culminated by the Hand in Hand India team. This experience is being translated in a structured manner in the form of knowledge transfer to individuals passionate about social entrepreneurship. Since business and management principles are essential to enterprise creation, the Academy offers a range of courses from business management to banking & technology.


The Vision of the Academy is to create socially responsible professionals who will find inclusive, innovative and insightful solutions to bring about positive change.

The Mission is to offer a mix of academic programmes to passionate individuals to equip them with tools and insights for creating sustainable enterprises.


The objective of the Hand in Hand Academy for Social Entrepreneurship is to create an enabling environment for social entrepreneurship to flourish and become a sustainable proposition. The Academy envisages social entrepreneurship to be an integrated and holistic venture, which balances social mission with technical expertise, business acumen and sustainability. It’s courses address issues of scale, impact, replicability and adaptation to cultural social contexts.

The Academy aims at building alliances with other reputed academic institutions and industry partners to build synergy and to bring appropriate expertise and experience that may be required for designing, with offering of courses and students placement. Towards this, the Academy has already established such alliances with national and global institutions, which are growing stronger now.


Q Is it an NGO

Yes it is , supported by SBI