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Abacus classes , If you are looking for Abacus Online Classes, you are just a click away. Book a free demo with RN VEDIC MATHS N ABACUS to experience the world’s first and most advanced live online Abacus E-learning platform.
For an Abacus online class to be effective, it requires lots of tools and minute monitoring of students, like finger movement training and real-time evaluation of the performance and calculation of speed and accuracy. Also required is to assign homework as per the child’s progress and its evaluation. Mastermind’s E-learning Portal is a tailor-made, dedicated portal that has inbuilt video conferencing option of its own. It enables the students to learn with ease.
This is not practically possible on video conferencing apps like Zoom or Google Meet. Hence if you decide to join an Abacus class join the finest & most advanced abacus online classes of RN VEDIC MATHS N ABACUS.

Mastermind’s E-learning Portal is very convenient for conducting Abacus Classes Online with its exclusive Teaching Platform. It has all the requisite tools to make Abacus Learning more interesting than a conventional class.


  • Live, company-trained teacher throughout the session.
  • Game-based program keeps child’s interest intact.
  • A 24×7 Virtual assistant if your child gets stuck with any sum.
  • Real-time evaluation in the class eases monitoring of performance.
  • Parents can also see a child’s progress at any point in time.
  • Home assignments in the form of video games with real
  • time evaluation.- Online Conduction of the level
  • wise exams and certification.
  • Competitive learning ambience.
  • The students earn points and virtual medals for their performance.
  • It has bilingual options to conduct classes in Hindi and English.

The future generation is facing difficult circumstances. Parents, teachers, and kids all feel a growing need to find new ways to learn and advance their knowledge. Opportunities and jobs that are available now can become obsolete in the future.

Without sacrificing the fun factor, RN VEDIC MATHS IN ABACUS introduces your child to the universe of possibilities and learning while keeping in mind their future needs. Years of study and training support our well planned programmes, which aim to give your child transforming experiences and promote holistic development. We support a 360degree strategy that places a strong emphasis on your child’s whole personality development by providing them with professional supervision and a global stage.

Abacus comes with Nine Levels of Teaching , We teach you all , You need not go anywhere else for Study Materials , We provide everything , All at one place.

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Sandhya Aswin

6 reviews·1 photo

2 months ago

My son has been taking Abacus classes with Latha Mam for the past 3 yrs… She is a very soft spoken and knowledgeable Teacher. She clarifies doubts at any odd hours of the day. Her teaching methodology is unique and interesting. …More1

Response from the owner2 months ago

Thank you very much for your feedback

Chandrakala G.N

1 review

2 months ago

Ms. Latha is an excellent teacher! Her teaching methods are so simple and great. Very easy to understand for any age of kids.. My daughter is learning Abacus with her from past 1.5 years. …MoreLike

Response from the owner2 months ago

Ms.Chandrakala Thanks for giving me chance to teach you daughter, thank you very much for your feedback back

sunil kumar

2 reviews

2 months ago

Teaching is good.Teacher is very good. She has so much patience. So she explaines one more time to understood to the student.Every student is moving freely with teacher.1

Thank you very much for your feedback