Shree Trikonaantaradeepa Jyothish Academy (R)


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Karthik Shekar is an astrologer, palmist and Vastu consultant in Mysore. He has been in the field of astrology for over ten years. He helps everyone with problems and gives solutions through his astrology knowledge. The Astrologer Karthik Shekar provides excellent service to the public in Mysore. He is very professional, listens to the client’s queries, and p[atiently answers all the queries. He explains each aspect of the horoscope very clearly and in a simple way.

Marriages, House Warming Ceremonies, Opening Ceremony, Assuming Office, Resigning from Office, Making Investments, Taking or Implementing Critical Decisions, Finance, Education, Etc.

TIMING: Sun : 4pm – 8:30pm
Rest all Days : 10:30am – 8:


Q What is Astrology?

Astrology is a vast field to analyze the influence of stars and planets on human lives. The position of these cosmic objects during the time of people's birth can shape or affect their life.